Domesticated Goddess

by Leila Neverland

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I'm experiencing another great shift in my life: the bringing of a new soul into a my hive. I am host to a being wired silver and blue, floating in and out of consciousness and tumbling through goo. I'm a domesticated captivated mother goddess, purling lace under plates as I fawn and waitress. Lost in the halls of life once painted with gold. Trapped between the walls of stucco, rust, and mould. Then wam! bam! thank you ma'am. That was it? What a scam? Here's a tit. Damn the Man! This nuclear reality discourages fragility from fucking with our industry hence mums and babes pay penalty. This collectively agreed upon entrapment has mamas here in this world set up encampment. Isolation at its best. Wearing the supermom vest, wondering: "What's this freaky test?!" Meanwhile, The oh-so-opposite of dead who's tiny form sleeps in our bed, needs milk and love and tenderness, not plastic things, fuck that mess. So while she rests in recapitulation, I ponder how to change a crumbling nation. Families of four just can't survive much longer. But in village life we'll all live stronger. No matter what your past may be extend your hand, we're family.
Ghosts 03:48
The beings surging through your blues, the ones next to you while you snooze, seeping ooze into your veins. Ow! The pain. Shadowed in the darkest dread, creeping in the back of your head, the beasts and ghouls of kingdom’s far, start reinstating look there they are. Dozens walk in double blinds, shakin’ the structures of your minds. You watch stunned, overtaken, are all souls just forsaken? Uncles, aunts, and brothers. Genocide, Bonnie and Clyde, oh, murders long forgotten lost and old, seeking closure but much too tired and cold.
Autumn 04:18
Been thinkin' to myself. Like the old say: "A book on a shelf." Been thinkin' 'bout the world. Lickin' lollipops like a little girl. Oh, what are we? Where are we? Who are we, now? Been walkin' down the street and listenin' to the feet. Been thinkin' 'bout the world. Why are you all dead? Stop. Rowing. That. Boat. In a time, long ago, half spinning. . . into orbit as if it were winning, there existed a rat who cowered by the cake, waiting for the cat to call him out as a fake! A weakling! A weirdo! A sod! A sponge! No matter the chase, no matter the lunge he’d have to decide: to run, to hide? There beside the chocolate filled depths rat feels things stir as the sun it sets. He spies a crack deep and crackable. An unachievable snag? Nope! He chomps it with his mandible. Post-mauling,, post-gnashing, post-thrashing, post-fight, he opens up a tunnel swimming with light! He runs, runs, runs, runs, runs, runs, runs with all his might. And as he runs, others follow, and what they find is abso lute. ly. out. of. sight: Its the good life! Its the good life! Its the good life! Its the good life!
Hoods 03:12
I was, tumbling and fumbling in a corkscrew conch of understanding, as the black raven grins and screeches as the drench winds rushing over beech skimmed edges of a deep, deep lake. Can't think about tomorrow's sake. Can't think about tomorrow's sake. Can't think about tomorrow's sake. Can't think about it at all Here come the, hours of showers they're rolling downtown all around on the streets where the barefeets stomp loud as the crowd bears all that it can. 'Till it snaps. 'Twas the last twig placed on the back. Woe, to the slaves of man Woe, to the slaves of man Woe, to the slaves of man Woe to us all. I can see in people's dreams. I can, I can hear people's scream: "Let me out!" Go on and shout: "Don't listen to the folk who try to get you down as die. Don't listen to the folks who try to get you down as you cry."
Edge 02:04
When you standing in front of her, she's got tears in her eyes and you just don't know what to do. I, I beg of you Please, please be true. Standin' on the edge you might find that you're losing your mind Don't know what to say. Don't know what to think. Feels like I'm standing on the brink. Just remember to blink. Well, when you're standing in front of that ocean deep. Wondering, wondering what she's got in her keep. Please, please, I beg of you, please, please be true. Standing on the edge you might find that you're losing your mind. Don't know what to say Don't know what to think. Feels like you're standing on the brink. Just remember to blink.


A collection of songs, new and old. New trio album has some of these songs and is available here and on Spotify @Leila Neverland's Mountain Sound


released March 27, 2014

Engineer - Mike Cashin


all rights reserved



Leila Neverland British Columbia

Singer/songwriter and homeschooling mother Leila Neverland cannot begin to stop what naturally flows through her: music. Her wild powerful vocals soar above stunning poetry in her fresh recordings. Watch for this woman as she continues to shine brighter and brighter. See more at! ... more

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